Secret Doctrine of Anahuac (Christmas Message, 1974-75)

Secret Doctrine of Anahuac (Christmas Message, 1974-75)

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“Xolotl-Lucifer is of course, not an element foreign to our psyche.

On the contrary, he is truly the shadow of our divine Being, in our own particular, innermost depths…

Xolotl-Lucifer-Prometheus is the psychological trainer in the gymnasium of practical life.”



·         A study of the Aztec culture and its mythology in the light of Gnostic science
·         The history of Aztlan-Atlantis
·         The Gnostic perspective on anthropology, the nature and spiritual potential of the human being
·         The symbolism of St Andrew’s Cross and the elimination of the ego
·         The esoteric meaning of the Serpent and its dual nature
·         The story of Faust and the states of Jinas
·         The esoteric practices for dream yoga



1st edition 2023

202 pages; 210 X 149mm

Soft cover, illustrated