Pistis Sophia Unveiled

Pistis Sophia Unveiled

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“Obviously, none of the personages in Pistis Sophia is external to us. All of the personages of Pistis Sophia are, unquestionably, autonomous and self-conscious parts of our Being.”



  • The Coptic text unveiling the story of the Fall of Pistis Sophia
  • Comprises the Teaching of Jesus after the resurrection
  • Unveiling this priceless Gnostic manuscript was the culminating work of Samael Aun Weor
  • Self-discovery in the light of Pistis Sophia’s repentances – the true practical path of Christic Esoterism
  • Unveils the relationship between esoteric Christianity and esoteric Buddhism
  • As study of the true nature of Cause and Effect – karma
  • The Kabalah in relation to the “Being” and the “Self-willed” Ego
  • Alchemy, White Tantra and redemption