Esoteric Treatise of Runic Magic

Esoteric Treatise of Runic Magic

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“This is the Wisdom Religion of the ancient Priestly colleges, the gymnosophists or solitary Jinas of Central Asia, Johannes, Shamans, Egyptian ascetics, ancient Pythagoreans, medieval Rosicrucian’s, Templars, the original Masons and other, more or less known esoteric brotherhoods…This is the secret doctrine of the Knights of the Holy Grail; this is the Living Stone of Jacob, the Lapis Electix (mages) explained in a dialectic manner.”



  • The scientific aspect of Runic practice for meditation and spiritual development
  • Greek and Roman mythology unveiled, particularly in relation to Virgil’s “The Anaeid”
  • The nature of Divinity in man – our Real Being
  • The feminine aspect of Divinity; the Divine Mother – Isis – Maria – Sakti
  • Modern scientific theory in the light of ancient wisdom & Natural Laws
  • The Rig Veda and energy, matter and anti-matter
  • Commentaries on Wagner’s “Parsifal”